Hello, and thanks for visiting – I’m Duncan, and I’ve been working in professional photography in one way or another for the past 20 years.


This website showcases my personal work. I have a separate site dedicated to my corporate photography business which you can visit at Soar Photographic.


I’m based in Wiltshire towards the East of Salisbury Plain. Currently, I’m working on producing images that depict the landscapes of Wiltshire, particularly our local rivers, woods and Salisbury Plain itself.


In the past, I’ve carried out documentary photo projects and portrait projects based around specific themes. I have a particular interest in rivers… I grew up on the banks of the Thames in Oxfordshire, and currently live right next to the Avon above Salisbury. When I lived in London, I was interested by the concept of urban rivers, which led to two projects – a portrait project Urban Fisherman, and a documentary project on the restoration of the River Wandle. I hope to update this site soon to include this work, as well as other bodies of work.


Professionally speaking, the year 2020 was a turning point for me. Due to the Covid pandemic, much of my London-based corporate and events work didn’t happen. This has encouraged me to re-evaluate things and focus closer to home. I’m concentrating more on producing personal work – and to help create a clear distinction between this and my commercial work, I’ve split the two into separate websites. I’ve also decided to start teaching photography courses again (something I enjoyed doing when I was based in London a decade ago). You can read more about this at the website for The Old Mill.

Thanks for browsing, and if you’d like to get in touch you can contact me at duncan@duncansoar.com