Office Portraits

If you need something a little different to a headshot, you might find that an office portrait suits your purposes. Showing more of the environment in which someone works than the uniform or out-of-focus background of a headshot, office portraits can be good for pr or press use. They work well with profile pieces or interviews, and have more of an editorial nature to them. I tend to use minimum lighting for these shots, often opting for the flexibility of battery-powered flash units for some fill light to accompany the natural light (I like using the high-key effect of background window light). You may find you need a mixture of headshots and office portraits for some individuals, while just opting for headshots with others. Either way, I’m very flexible as to my approach and happy to discuss the best way to approach your photography needs.

Editorial portrait of a fund manager for a US publicationPR portrait for SonyProfile portrait for a company of architectsBusiness portrait for promotional purposes with company brandingNatural light office portrait for a PR companyTony Blair at Downing StreetOffice portrait for recruitment consultantsCorporate portrait mixing natural light and flashOffice portraitBranded office portrait for pr purposesRelaxed natural light corporate portraitEditorial portrait for press useCorporate portrait of a fund managerBusiness portrait in a boardroomWide crop office portrait for web useCorporate board of directors group photograph