Book Jackets

With a past in book publishing, it’s always a pleasure working with publishers to photograph their authors for book covers. Most of the work I do in this area is for autobiographies or non-fiction titles. One of the first projects I undertook as a professional photographer involved photographing a number of bands who had all had just one UK hit. You can see a page about this on my blog entitled One Hit Wonders.


God Bless America by Piers MorganDave Gorman vs The Rest of The WorldFriends Like These by Danny WallaceBellies and Bullseyes by Sid WaddellGerald Ratner, The Rise and Fall... and Rise AgainBelching Out The Devil by Mark ThomasAgainst The Grain by Karan BilimoriaOne Stop Short of Barking by Mecca IbrahimIn Search of British Heroes by Tony RobinsonOne Hit Wonders by Chris WelchGreen Living in the Urban Jungle by Lucy SiegleAn Easy Guide to Guitar by Carlos BonellA-Z of Antiques and Auctions by Michael Hogben