As a corporate photographer, I cover a range of commercial photography. This is broadly categorised below into some of things I find myself doing more frequently. This is not to say I’m not always happy to lend my hand to something completely different though! Have a browse through some of my other commercial photography as well as my personal work if you’d like to see further examples of my work…


Event Photography

Photography for corporate events including corporate functions, awards ceremonies, conferences, corporate group entertainment and trade shows.

Corporate Photography

My corporate photography services include portraiture, headshots, and other imagery used by businesses for promotional purposes.

Photography for Books

With a background in book publishing, I always enjoy working with publishers to produce imagery for book jackets and covers, as well as publicity shots for authors.

PR Photography

Photography for press releases and publicity purposes, often for speculative submission to newspapers.

Other work

Samples of other work that doesn't necessarily fall into any of the above categories...

Non-commissioned work

Landscapes, photo projects and other non-commissioned photography