Adding some punch to corporate groups with outdoor flash

Just after Christmas, I spent some time working with logistics company WNDirect. They were in the process of undergoing some re-branding and were keen to get some imagery to help market themselves. Part of this involved a unified style to their corporate portraiture, for use on the web and particularly for staff LinkedIn profiles. And another part involved some group shots showing what they did. One of the trucks had just come in with the new company logo, so this seemed like the obvious choice for the background to the shot of the board. It was quite a dull day so the shot would have been very flat without a bit of lighting. This is the kind of situation where the Elinchrom Quadras can really help save the day. One big Rotalux octagonal softbox provided the front light, while a small softbox from across and behind the group added some zing by spotlighting the side of the truck and providing some highlights to the back of the group. The results was a punchy group shot with a hint of  ‘Dragons Den’ attitude.

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