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PR shoot for Which?

Although a little while ago, I thought this was worth writing about as it was a slightly unusual one. Which? were  calling on the Financial Services Authority to toughen up with-profits regulation and needed an image to help promote the press release in the national papers.

The idea was to go for a Dick Turpin theme and to call on the FSA to “Stand and Deliver”… We recced the spot a week before to find the best angle to show a suitable Westminster backdrop, and decided the south bank of the Thames opposite parliament would work best.

A stunt horse and rider were hired for the shoot and a section of the footway was cordoned off. We even had a police escort. Our only problem was that the horse could only rear up a certain number of times as there were paving stones underfoot and there was a risk of damaging its hooves. I had an assistant on hand with a couple of synced speedlights firing into the flanks of the horse for fill light.

(Note: this is before I owned Quadras, which would have provided much more powerful and reliable lighting. One of the SB800s actually blew up as we fired it on full power too many times in a row. Fortunately we had a spare, plus we were just round the corner from Fixation to drop the damaged unit off after the shoot to get repaired.)

My only regret is that we weren’t allowed to use a real pistol as I think the plastic one that Dick Turpin is holding looks a bit funny. The shot was a great success and was used across a number of papers the next day.

PR shoot opposite the houses of parliament