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Shooting corporate imagery in the City of London

There have been two patterns that I’ve been noticing with my client base recently. One has been an increase in the amount of work I’m doing with businesses in the legal sector, including recently working with a Chamber of Barristers on the photography for the re-branding of their website. The other is that I’ve been commissioned more and more by overseas companies, particularly from the USA, who have been setting up a base in London and find themselves in need of a London-based photographer.

So it was great when these two strands came together with an approach from a large US legal consultancy firm, Clutch Group, who were expanding their business to London. They found themselves in need of imagery that not just showed off their new offices (fantastically located in the heart of the City a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station), but more importantly showed some of the staff in the London office as well as creating some generic imagery for marketing use.

This was a real dream of a commission in that I was basically given a rough brief outlining what the client wanted to achieve with the images, and was then given the freedom to interpret the brief as I liked. I allowed half a day to shoot this, and had the luxury of having willing staff members at my disposal to set up different scenarios. I find a mixture between set up shots and documentary style works best for me – ie I often set up a meeting-type scenario ensuring the positioning of the people and the lighting is ideal, then allow the subjects to have a real discussion and forget I’m there, which allows for more natural expressions.

I used a combination of my battery-powered Elinchrom Quadras for this (which allow the flexibility to move around an office space quickly without having to constantly search out plug points), as well as natural light to create a bright, modern feel to the photography. I love that my Nikons are sensitive enough to be able to shoot at a relatively high ISO, and the Quadras have enough control to produce just a spit of flash when needed just to lift the shadows.

A nice shoot, and the kind of thing I seem to be doing more and more of… If you’re in need of similar corporate imagery, whether for specific purposes or just a build a library of bespoke photography for future usage, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I’d be very happy to discuss your project.

Here are some of the images from the shoot…