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Corporate portraits for an award winning trading report

This was a commission to help produce the imagery for commercial property consultants GVA’s annual Trading Report. The designer’s brief had been to produce an accessible publication that showed the approachability as well as a the professionalism of the company, and the photographs needed to reflect this. The report was to be a particularly important one as the company was in the process of being acquired by German engineers Bilfinger, with the intention of then leading on to rebranding and relocating their HQ to the City.

Terry the designer had chosen to use a number of images of staff across the company’s branches interspersed through the publication in relaxed yet businesslike poses. We shot these on a white background over a couple of days by setting up a temporary studio in a boardroom, meaning the images could be cut out and arranged as necessary to suit the design. On top of this we needed to produce 4 key images of senior management in suitable locations that could be used in portrait format on individual full-pages.  This is always a challenge as typically there is very little time available with the senior management, so the key was to carry out a detailed recce beforehand to ensure we had a enough variety in the locations. The backgrounds needed to have a corporate feel, but at the same time we had to be careful they didn’t distract from the portraits themselves.



Annual report photography

Here’s an example of how the final images were used in the layout.

The report itself was seen as a great success, not least due to Terry’s great design work, and ended up with an award at the 2015 Property Marketing Awards for best research/annual report.

From my point of view, it was great to help contribute something that could easily have been a bland report full of facts and figures, but ended up being a great balance of information and imagery. This was a great example of how photography can be used to help make corporate reports far more vibrant and accessible than you might expect!