Black and White Rooftop Corporate Portraits

It’s always nice to work with a client who’s after something a little bit different. As chartered accountants based a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral, the clients were keen to use their surroundings to their advantage. Normally it can be tricky to include a cityscape in shots as it’s often a view through a window where the lighting is completely different inside and out – but in this case we had a distinct advantage: access to the roof! Once again my trusty Elinchrom Quadras provided the key lighting here – they’re portable battery units that pack quite a punch. But with a 1m softbox, a strong breeze and no assistant to hang on to everything, there was potential for things to get a bit hairy… Fortunately the bungee cables on my fold-up trolley system came to the rescue and helped lash the lighting paraphernalia to the rooftop air conditioning unit (the key to professional photography is being able to improvise your way out of a tight spot), and away we went… The flash was calculated to slightly over-power the daylight, meaning that by exposing for the flash I would get a hint of modelling on the subjects’ faces. And as we were slightly shaded on the rooftop, the roof of St. Paul’s was getting a bit more light than the available daylight on the subjects, meaning it wasn’t too overexposed. A fun, quick shoot, and a great start to the day.


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