Fast and flexible lighting for corporate reportage shots

I use the term ‘reportage’ slightly loosely here as this kind of shot is of course always set-up and highly choreographed, but the impression at least is to make it look as if you’ve captured a natural moment half-way through an interesting discussion about finance… (The truth is generally that you get people to talk about what they’re having for lunch or where they last went on holiday, but luckily the benefit of stills over video is you don’t get the audio track to accompany it).

These were a few shots for a US reinsurance company who were keen to get a few shots of the UK chief exec and the management team. We had a tight turnaround time, so being able to send digital files across the world by a secure web gallery was a huge benefit. The images were shot on the Nikon D600 (which has only been in my kit bag for a month and is slowly taking over a lot of the work from the D3), with battery-powered Elinchrom Quadras providing the lighting. A pretty light and portable set-up that meant we could quickly move around and create different scenarios. Speed is always of the essence with this sort of thing when people’s availability is generally dictated by when the next meeting or conference call is going to be (though I have to say this was one of the easiest-going and helpful chief execs I’ve work with for a while).



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