An Evening with Irvin Yalom

One of the things I really enjoy about photographing events and conferences is the interesting speakers I get to hear talk in the line of my work. From after dinner speakers to politicians to marketing experts, there’s always something to take away from what people have to say. The event that the BACP put on last month was a real highlight in this respect. They had managed a bit of a coup in getting the legendary psycoanalyst and author Irvin Yalom agree to do a live link-up from California to London where he would discuss his career with his son Victor and answer questions from the audience. I was particularly excited about this event as I’d read one of Yalom’s books a while ago. “Love’s Executioner” ┬áis a fascinating account of Yalom’s work as a psycoanalyst, involving a number of case studies of the people he’d worked with, and the ways in which he had attempted to approach and break down the various issues they bring to the table. Rather than being a text book or scientific studies, Yalom manages to make fascinating stories out of each chapter, each of which is intriguing and enlightening in its own way. It’s a brilliant book, and one I’d recommend to anyone.

As a speaker, Yalom didn’t disappoint – he was honest, warm, funny, and gifted with the ability to put complex ideas across in a simple way. He made a great double act with his son Victor who was the perfect interviewer – you could see there was a real warmth of feeling and understanding between the two of them.

Anyway, this was a real treat of a job. You could see why the 1,000 people in attendance had turned up to see this man speak. What a legend!

(Oh, and here are a few of the photos…)


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